Putting the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Through People, Process, Tools & Technology

What are your business drivers?

  • Getting ahead of the competition?
  • Saving costs?
  • Driving revenue?
  • Reducing attrition?
  • Hiring for behaviour and culture fit?

What are your personal drivers?

  • Understanding your natural behavioural tendencies (self awareness)?
  • Knowing your strengths and how to capitalize on them?
  • Understanding and addressing your development areas?
  • Leading your team effectively?
  • Improving your work and personal relationships?



Recruiters & Head Hunters

Journey to Success


People are the most valuable resource in any environment. Despite the reality of automation and job replacement, it is still vital to place the most effective people where human intervention is required.


These enablers facilitate and underpin the process. Talentum recommends Personal Development Analysis (PDA) Tool to support Individual Assessment, Team Enhancement & Job Fit analysis.


The most critical enabler in any recruitment execution to ensure consistency, high customer satisfaction, control & governance and time efficiency whist meeting your business objectives.


Investment in technology, no matter how simple, is more valuable than people think. Time saving, reporting capability, professionalism and an enabler for planning and forecasting.

frequently asked questions

How do I benchmark my Talent Acquisition function?

Talentum’s Recruitment Diagnostic solution reviews and analyses your people, processes, tools and technology. That baseline is reviewed against a global best practice benchmark and a report with recommendations is produced.

How can I make my hiring decisions more scientific?

Best practice would be to use a variety of data points to make recruitment hiring decisions including a scientifically, easy to administer, on line psychometric test. Talentum recommends PDA – behavioural assessment tool.

How can I develop into a better version of myself?

By understanding your natural behavioural tendencies, you can become self aware and develop, expand and improve. The Personal Development Analysis (PDA) allows you to do that in a quick, simple and scientific way. Click here to see how to ‘Develop yourself’.

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